1. Arranging matches

We use Discord server as the main means of communication, but also other means of communication. A list of all of them is here:

  1. Discord server
  2. Facebook
  3. Chat on the web
  4. Private messages on the web
  5. Messages on the console
2. Rules and match settings
  1. Difficulty - Superstar
  2. Game Style - Competitive
  3. Period length - 4 minutes
  4. Rules - Custom
  5. Battles - On.
  6. Eliminations - On.
  7. Injuries - On.
  8. Offsides - Suspended
  9. Disqualification - Hybrid
  10. Overtime Setup - 5 minutes (3 on 3), then shootout
  11. Goalie control in shootout - On.

Playoffs will always be determined prior to the start of each contest.

3. Playing matches

Each manager (hereafter GM) will have a schedule of matches in each competition.You GM will decide who plays home or away. Each GM can only play for his/her assigned team (during the live draw).

4. Recording the results

Results are usually entered by the winner (unless otherwise agreed by the players) with accurate and complete statistics, if there are any in that particular competition, within 48 hours of the match being played. Otherwise, the opponent may request that the match be annulled.

The only exception is if a player makes a mistake. At that point, they contact one of the admins. He will resolve the problem with him.

Here are the screenshots of the game that are needed to post the result on the website:

5. Lagging the game

If your game is lagging, the connection is not always to blame. Occasionally EA servers do this, but it rarely happens. The moment one of the GMs finds it unplayable, by agreement between the two GMs, they will end the game and try to play the rest of the game again. The match should be shut down as soon as possible, but preferably after the first period!!! You can have your PS4/PS5 connected via cable or WIFI, but only if it is a good quality connection!!! The minimum speed required to play online is 3MB download/1,5MB upload and a max response time of 60ms!! But it's up to each GM to be accommodating and tolerate a response time higher than 60ms. 

In case the game crashes, the GM will agree to play or finish the game again. With the caveat that if you have raids or overtime left you play that part of the game, not the whole game. But if the match is dropped a second time, it is played all over again with a 0:0 score!!

If a player drops the match intentionally and does not finish the match or does not want to play from the beginning, he will be penalized and this:

  1. Warning
  2. Ejection from the competition
  3. Non-participation in further competitions
  4. Permanent BAN on the website
6. Fair play

As part of fair play it is forbidden to deliberately delay the game (e.g. stop playing, stand behind the goal, skip "demonstrations" etc...). It is also forbidden to call off the goalkeeper in order to trip an attacking player. Everything will be penalized and this:

  1. Warning
  2. Deduction of points in the league - 10 points
  3. Ejection from the given competition
  4. Non-participation in other competitions
  5. Permanent BAN on the website
7. Activity

Limits set for playing a league or tournament will not be extended. We will evaluate each failure to meet the limits and take the following steps:

  1. Warning
  2. Ejection from the competition
  3. Non-participation in further competitions
  4. Permanent BAN on the website


1. General
  • The 3v3 league is played 3+1 - winger, centre, defender, goalkeeper. So each team is obliged to start with 4 people. In a 6v6 league it is 5+1 - left wing, centre, right wing, left defender, right defender, goalie. So each team is obliged to play with 6 men. (NOT PLAYING WITH A BOT!).
  • There can be a maximum of 2 foreign players on the roster for a 3v3 league, but only 1 foreign player can enter the match. For the 6v6 league, there is a maximum of 3 foreign players on the roster and 2 foreign players can play in the game (exceptions are teams from Poland). A Czech/Slovak player living abroad is not counted as a foreign player.
  • Each team in a 3v3 league must have at least 6 players on their roster, for a 6v6 league the limit is 8 players.
  • Each team must have one GM and at least one CoGM.
  • GM's of teams can cancel the match up to one hour before the match starts and also at least one hour before the match starts GM's of teams must confirm the match (e.g. by private message on DISCORD...).
  • If one of the teams does not show up for the agreed match (15 minutes max wait), the GM's of the other team can request a forfeit (3:0).
  • If either player crashes while loading the match, a screen is made and the match is shut down and restarted.
  • If a player crashes during the match, a screen is taken of the game and then the GM's of the teams agree amongst themselves to play the rest of the match. If they don't agree, the admins on the DISCORD server in the #admin-podpora channel of each competition are then contacted, a screen of the game is sent to them and they decide.
  • If the connection is in red (weak connection), the match will be switched off and on again. If the connection is red again, the match is played again. Unless the GM's agree otherwise.
  • Roster changes (additions or transfers of players) are only allowed on a set date (to be announced on the DISCORD server). In a 3v3 league, each GM may add a maximum of two players, in a 6v6 league a maximum of three players in each transfer period.
  • Each GM can request an "exceptional (24 hour) transfer" once per season (he can add a player to his roster). If he already uses this option, then he can only modify his roster in the transfer period. Here the limit is the same for both 3v3 and 6v6 leagues and it is maximum 2 players.
  • A player can only play for one team, unless he changes team in the "transfer period" or by "exceptional (24 hour) transfer".
  • The 3v3 playoffs will be played on a 3 game win streak and the 1st through 6th place teams will advance directly. Teams in 7th to 10th place will play in the preliminary round (also 3-win matches) for the remaining two positions, playing for "seeding". After that, the 3v3 play-off will be played and it will be the team in 1st place against the team in 8th place, or the best of group A against the worst of group B (1A - 8B, 2A - 7B ...), depending on the number of groups. The 6v6 playoffs will be played on 4 winners games, teams that finish in 1st to 16th place will advance (1st - 16th, 2nd - 15th).
  • Change to the individual competition play-off system is subject to change, if this happens we will announce it on the DISCORD server before the play-offs start.
2. Communication between GM's
  • In order to communicate and arrange matches, you must have DISCORD installed.
  • On our DISCORD server there is a channel #domluva-zápasů-3v3 and #domluva-zápasů-6v6 where GM's of teams arrange matches.
  • In case of GM unavailability, CoGM takes responsibility for communication.
  • It is the responsibility of each team GM to communicate with the other team GM's and try to arrange a match for a date! Also, the GM or CoGM is responsible for the conduct of their club and all their players. Only the GM or CoGM acts for the team.
  • If the GM fails to respond to a match request for more than 3 days, he will be reprimanded and may subsequently have a match or multiple matches forfeited.
  • If there is any dispute on DISCORD, the people involved can get a maximum of 3 warnings, after two warnings the player gets mute for 24h, the third warning means a ban on the DISCORD server.
3. Limits
  • Meeting the minimum weekly limit is a prerequisite for every team in the RIVALITY.EU 3v3 and 6v6 league.
  • The 3v3 league will be played in 2 matches with with each opponent in a row in a home/away format.
  • The 6v6 league will also be played in 2 matches with with each opponent in a row in a home/away format.
  • The limit of 6 matches per week (3 opponents) will be set for both competitions.
  • If a team withdraws from the competition, all of their matches will be forfeited (3-0 all matches, even those played and won by that team).
  • The limits of each competition are subject to change, if this happens we will inform you on the Discord server before the competition starts.
4. Recording of results
  • The GM of the winning team will record the result in the player section of the RIVALITY.EU website (unless the GM's agree otherwise).
  • Each GM of a team is obliged to record true, accurate and complete statistics from the matches.
  • The result is always recorded immediately after the match has been played, but within 48 hours at most. Otherwise, the opponent may ask for the match to be annulled.
  • Each team is obliged to keep screenshots of the match played 14 days after the match is played.
  • Here are the screenshots of the game that are needed to record the result on the website:

5. Bans
  • It is forbidden to stall the game (e.g. long circling in the defensive zone, constantly throwing up on the forbidden zone...), but you can stop for a while to replenish your energy.
  • It is forbidden not to make demonstrations, goals...
  • In 6v6 league it is forbidden to instigate and also to receive a fight (but if a fight is instigated, the match will be shut down and it will be reported to the admins on the DISCORD server in the #admin-podpora-6v6 channel along with the proof - a stream that will solve the issue).
  • It is forbidden for the goalkeeper to leave the goal at will (appealing, going wherever he wants...). He may reach the loose puck, but not to foul an attacking player. He can also leave the net on a power play, go to the bench and jump on the ice as the fourth or sixth player in the box.
  • The player must have the same PSN nick and name on the site and in the game.
  • No 2 or more players in a club may have the same number (even if it is a goalkeeper and a fielder).


1. Account

Each player can have only one account! The creation of additional accounts is strictly prohibited and punished by:

  1. Warning and deleting other accounts
  2. Permanent BAN on the website
2. Vulgarisms

Insults to players, admins, racist or sexual messages are strictly forbidden on our website and on all means of communication. In the event of a violation of these rules, the following punishment will follow:

  1. Warning 
  2. Exclusion from the competition
  3. Non-participation in further competitions 
  4. Permanent BAN on the website
3. Chat

We use the DISCORD server as the main means of communication, both for arranging matches and for chatting between users. You can find it as an icon at the down on the site.

4. News/articles

News is for articles, interviews, tutorials, etc. It will also serve as a forum for you users. You post a topic that you would like to discuss and address. We will publish an article and you can discuss the topic in the comments.

5. Posts

To maximize the quality of the contests and prize purchases for you, we have decided to set up a mandatory post. This means that all contests on the site are for an annual entry fee (if this is not the case, we will inform you about it in the article for that contest). If you contribute, you can play in any league during the season, as long as you fulfill your obligations (deadlines, good behavior...). The amount of contribution is 200 CZK/7€ for 1v1 and 100 CZK/4€ for CHEL.

Account number is: 229259037/0600 (IBAN: CZ05 0600 0000 0002 2925 9037). Thank you! ♥

!! The contribution is non-refundable after the end of the league !!

!! In the note when paying for 1v1 enter your nickname you have on the website - 1v1 (example: BaumitCZ - 1v1), when paying for CHEL enter your nickname you have on the website - CHEL - Team name (example: BaumitCZ - CHEL - Bouráci) !!

6. Advertisement

It is not allowed to advertise any advertisements on the RIVALITY.EU website, except those from our partners. It is also forbidden to advertise on competing websites (domains). If you are interested in advertising your website, tournament or something similar, please contact one of the RIVALITY.EU admins, there is always something that can be arranged. In case of violation the following penalty will follow:

  1. Warning and deletion of the post
  2. Permanent BAN on the site 

Admin always has the final and decisive say in any disputes, incidences or in imposing punishments. The admin team reserves the right to change or amend the rules during the season!!
If you have any question, suggestion for improvement or anything you can think of, please contact one of the admins on the Discord server in the #admin-podpora channel of each competition!! Thank you!


RIVALITY.EU admins - Baumit_CZ, M8tyka, Power, sami_svk wish you good fun and at the end our motto: "Rivals on the ice, friends off the ice!!"

Copyright © These rules are property of RIVALITY.EU. 

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